A Guide to Becoming an AI Expert

The space of AI, short for Artificial Intelligence, is expanding day by day to embrace countless tech experts who are ready to face the future of technology. As per various job portals, AI is creating a massive demand for professionals who can enable businesses to become more automatize and efficient. A rumor is out in the market that AI will steal several jobs in the next 3 years. But, I am here to put that rumor to rest by providing you with facts and figures which reveal that AI will take away 75 million job roles by the year 2022 according to the World Economic Forum, however, it will produce 133 million new ones. Therefore, if you feel you have what it takes to become an AI expert, get prepared to enhance your knowledge because building a career in AI is not a cakewalk. So, honing your skills to impress employers would be the right step to take to enter the field of Artificial Intelligence.

First things first – Sketch Out a Plan

The first step to achieving a goal is creating a plan. I know that for contriving a tech career, it is important to know coding and algorithms, but I would suggest that you must not rush into stuff. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. So, break your task into small chunks and focus on one chunk at a time. There is a difference between studying and gaining knowledge. The point that I am trying to put forward is that understand every concept thoroughly since there is a lot of competition out there and employers are looking for nothing but the best.

Begin your AI journey with learning programming languages

Gaining an understanding of programming languages is the passage to the AI world. So, learn marketable languages like Python. Explore multiple sources of knowledge to sharpen your concepts and tighten the grip over the subject. It will take time, but you will gradually move towards prowess.

Choose the correct degree

Now, in case you are still in high school and have developed an inclination towards AI, then you must gear up to attain a degree that will make you an AI expert. Pursuing a graduate degree in AI or related discipline will help you build a solid foundation for your career. Therefore, it is crucial to select the right degree right from the beginning. If you are already a tech professional who believes that AI is the right place to be, then do not hold yourself back and move towards the pathway of attaining an AI certification which will help you get your head around this vast topic and establish yourself as a dexterous AI professional capable of helping companies get a competitive advantage in the market.

Search for Relevant Programs

Since AI is today’s most trending field to find jobs in, if you browse through the web, you will find a plethora of institutions offering AI certifications that will help you get a leg up during job search. The biggies of the knowledge world like MIT, Coursera, and ARTIBA are providing informative course work that will help you obtain practical knowledge of AI, machine learning and deep learning to prepare you to combat every single challenge that you might face while working on an AI project. Earning an AI job is an easier task to accomplish when you have a certification on your resume to prove your in-depth understanding of the field.